Research themes for PSDR4
Research themes for PSDR4
The proposals presented here are drawn from recommendations made by the Scientific Council at the end of the PSDR 3 programme’s evaluation process. These are suggestions for topics to be discussed with the Regional Authorities first, and then with research partners.
1. Land uses and pressure in rural and peri-urban areas
  • Land management and control mechanisms, Preservation of agriculture and of natural open spaces
  • Conflicts over use of land in farming and peri-urban areas, disappearance and conversion
  • Change in land use and pollution management
  • Dynamics of change in land prices and markets, impacts of transport and amenity infrastructure projects
  • Mobility, infrastructure networks, new forms of urban-urban relations
2. Greening agriculture and global change
  • Ecosystem Services (including natural hazard management), natural and territorial resources and reduction of inputs
  • Impact of environmental changes on farming practices and health, at territorial level
  • Organic farming, agro-forestry, on-farm value added
  • Agro-ecological transition, methodology for testing environmental policy scenarios
  • Impact Mitigation and adaptation of agriculture to climate change
  • Environmental impacts of agricultural, suburban and urban activities and their relations with one another.
  • Adaptation of Agriculture to various challenges (climate, water, energy, biodiversity)
3. Territorial autonomy and agricultural development
  • Protein independence of regions and territories
  • Waste and residue methanation, utilization of agricultural and forest biomass, circular economy
  • Food supply to city and urban populations (governance of food supply in cities, short producer-to-consumer food chains, logistics in the food supply chains, local farming ...)
4. Innovation at the service of man, the food supply sectors and the territories
4.1 Forest, Agriculture and Food
  • The agriculture, agri-food and forestry industries in the « Horizon 2020 » European policy
  • Increasing competitiveness and sustainability in the agri-food sector
  • Location of agro-food industries and co-location of the production and the transformation sectors
  • The role of cooperatives in the regional development process
  • North-South relations in the agricultural and agro-industrial innovation strategies of regions
4.2 Energy, transport and renewable carbon
  • Energy transition and territorial dynamics
  • Transport policies as means of improving accessibility and territorial cohesion, infrastructure, public transport, mobility services
  • Measurement and analysis of mobility in rural areas
  • Logistics and transportation of agricultural and food products, comprehensive review of short food supply chains
  • The renewable carbon industry and challenges of bio-economy
  • Utilization and transformation of plant by-products, biomass utilization
5. Territorial development, urban-rural relations and strategies for increasing the attractiveness of the territories
  • Analysis of the development path of high growth territories
  • Adaptive management of territories with natural environment-related issues (protected natural areas, coastline, and mountain)
  • Attractiveness of and social and environmental inequalities in and between territories, comparison of development models
  • Vulnerabilities of rural areas with regard to rising mobility costs
  • Social capital, natural heritage and tourism development
  • Tourism development and territorial strategies, residential and “presence” economy
  • Social Economy, cooperation and innovation at regional level
  • Integrated utilization of regional resources and the ties of activities to their local environment
  • The complementarity of city and countryside in natural hazards or waste management
6. New challenges and forms of public intervention and territorial development
6.1 New forms of public intervention and territorial development
  • Public Action, decision making levels, regional organization and development: decentralization, regionalization of public policy, rural areas and local project areas (Regional Natural Parks, urban hubs…)
  • Infrastructure and public goods as components of territorial development
  • Effects on rural and peri-urban areas of infrastructure, transport and Territorial Development policies
  • Evolution of territorial governance processes and involvement of the various stakeholders in the decision-making process
  • New knowledge and skills in support of public policy intervention: territorial engineering, expertise and research in public local intervention, foresight studies and scenarios.
6.2 Agriculture, transport and regional development policies
  • Forms of integration of agriculture and transport policies in regional land development planning and territorial development projects
  • Development of sustainable food systems and models integrated into territorial development processes
  • Regional effects of the CAP reform: territorial impacts, and articulation of local development policies with European policy
  • New survey methodology for analysing regional mobility
  • Sustainable mobility challenges (energy, pollution, transport safety, economy) for territories in the future.
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